Advanced technologies, powerful alliances and open collaboration — this is the YADRO recipe for the rapid progress, proven by practice. Enjoy the taste of this mix, just like we do.
Why we can
Great things are created by great people. It takes a special company to accumulate and nurture talents. Become familiar with YADRO culture and become a fan or a valued team member.
Who we are
Передовые технологии, мощные стратегические партнерства и открытая коллаборация являются рецептом YADRO для достижения прорывов в сфере высоких технологий, доказанных на деле.
Что дает нам импульс к прогрессу
Все прекрасное в мире создается талантливыми людьми. Для сплочения и взращивания талантов требуется особая команда. Познакомьтесь с культурой YADRO и станьте ценителем или неотъемлемой частью нашей команды.
О нашей комнанде
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YADRO invested in notAnotherOne — the leading design house for smart devices. The companies will focus on the joint development of innovative products for artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G mobile networks.

Trusted by enterprise leaders

Excellence of YADRO products and service is acknowledged by the biggest and most tech-savvy enterprise customers on the market

We live and breathe cutting-edge technology

VESNIN Gen1, the first enterprise class high-performance server for data-intensive workloads

Innovation and collaboration are at the core of everything we do

Get to know TATLIN,
the exabyte-scale leader of domestic storage market

United with global technology leaders to engineer solutions for the data-driven era

Common faith in open collaboration enables us to build trusted partnerships and make the world a better place together
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