высокопроизводительные серверы для взыскательных заказчиков
сбалансированные серверные платформы для универсальных нагрузок
централизованное ПО управления устройствами YADRO
семейство систем хранения данных начального уровня
cистемы хранения для корпоративных приложений, аналитики и платформ виртуализации
высоко масштабируемые системы для объектного хранения данных
Высокопроизводительные серверы

Speed, space, reliability

Speed is the credo of the modern world. Trust building reliability is the foundation of business. We applied best technology to combine both into the essence of our designs. YADRO products demonstrate best speed and reliability available on the market.

Data is energy

Navigation to success inside the data explosion can be challenging. Data just keeps expanding like interstellar matter after the Big Bang, and it's likewise hot — by value hidden inside — and by cost of processing.

While data burns money for processing and storage, the major share of value hidden in data exists in a brief period before data turns to a cold deadweight with little practical content. Data is the energy of modern digital world, where everything turns around circulation and transformation of data.
To unleash the potential of your data, it must be processed to extract the value as fast as possible. We designed products for intense data processing and efficient storage to give your business the best acceleration from data energy you operate.

Gain momentum

Masterpieces inspired by art

As XX century constructivists declared, the function defines the shape. Following that credo, we tailored our advanced products for the most promising enterprise workloads. Adopting original and sophisticated architectures in a quest for new advantages, we named our systems after prominent constructivist architects.
YADRO products feature advanced and novel architectures. We devised it with optimization and performance in mind to make your business reach new efficiency levels.

Novel architecture. Groundbreaking effect

Improved performance on an updated technology platform for a wide range of applications. New level of performance and scalability reveals even more opportunities for boosting your business. Quality and precise engineering define the perfect choice for high-demanding enterprise customers.

VEGMAN Rx20 G2 Servers

The state-of-the-art distributed decentralized object data storage with various protocols support


General-purpose servers optimized for intensive workload acceleration. Hybrid local storage is enhanced with expansion flexibility: the server offers an extra OCP3.0 slot in addition to 3 standard PCIe slots.

VEGMAN R120 Servers


Advanced storage systems are designed to support traditional enterprise applications, big data, and analytics.


Ultrahigh-capacity disk storage systems are designed to provide reliable data archiving.

VEGMAN S220/S320 servers

The first enterprise-class servers for high-density and cost-effective storage of large data volumes in modern environments.

VESNIN Gen1 server

The world's first OpenPOWER enterprise-class high-performance server are designed for data-intensive applications with outstanding footprint.