высокопроизводительные серверы для взыскательных заказчиков
сбалансированные серверные платформы для универсальных нагрузок
централизованное ПО управления устройствами YADRO
семейство систем хранения данных начального уровня
cистемы хранения для корпоративных приложений, аналитики и платформ виртуализации
высоко масштабируемые системы для объектного хранения данных
Высокопроизводительные серверы

Inspired by great minds

Our approach to technology development and product design is inspired by marvelous architects, artists, and innovative thinkers of the 20th century — Vladimir Tatlin and the Vesnin brothers — and their magnificent masterpieces.

Constructivism in architecture

Tatlin and the Vesnin brothers were the founding fathers of constructivism — an architectural design approach that has made a major influence on global architecture and produced many state-of-the-art gems around the globe since its inception in Russia in the 1920s.

When designing buildings, these architects leveraged a simple, pragmatic yet powerful algorithm that reflected the essence of Constructivist principles: it was functionality that ultimately defined the architectural design of an object and subsequently shaped its aesthetics. In addition, it was constructivism that laid the foundation for the era of industrial design. For almost 100 years, constructivist ideas combined with the latest available innovations in technology have been leveraged by prominent global architects to create visionary yet functional works of art around the world.

Creating technology masterpieces

Constructivist principles resonate with our engineering hearts and minds. Every time we evolve existing products or create innovative solutions, we allow the essential purpose and functionality of each YADRO product to fully define its architecture and visual aesthetics.

Following Tatlin and the Vesnins' ideas, we strategically eliminate any irrelevant or obsolete elements that don't serve a clear purpose on its own or don't contribute to achieving the ultimate purpose of an YADRO technology solution. Thoroughly optimized for the intended workloads, our technology systems work at their fullest possible capacity to enable our enterprise customer goals. Paying tribute to the brilliant constructivist minds, we named our server systems after the Vesnin brothers, while naming our storage family after Vladimir Tatlin.

Aiming high

At YADRO, we laser-focus on enabling only top-notch technology solutions. It's a never-ending, dynamic process where the full potential of innovation continuously evolves with advances in technology and our understanding of the human mind. This process is about balance, harmony and engineering beauty. Unprecedented changes and challenges demand unprecedented engineering thinking to achieve higher levels of optimization. That is why we develop and combine the best technology available on the market with the back-to-the-bone engineering spirit to enable the highest performance in our products.

Technology continuity

Considering the realms of culture and technology, we believe that approaches and principles of the past do not entirely vanish as time goes by. No longer at the forefront of technology evolution, older designs keep playing their roles in the big picture. They keep solving the tasks they were designed for. At YADRO, we leverage the best technology solutions generated throughout the history of mankind to resolve modern challenges.

Essential value of trust and collaboration

We believe that inspiring technology breakthroughs require joint efforts of many brilliant minds. We believe that trust is a foundation of every strategic partnership and the only path to creating outstanding outcomes. We believe in the power of global collaboration in enabling progress in the technology industry. That is why collaboration with our valued and trusted allies and partners is an integral part of YADRO strategy and core beliefs.