высокопроизводительные серверы для взыскательных заказчиков
сбалансированные серверные платформы для универсальных нагрузок
централизованное ПО управления устройствами YADRO
семейство систем хранения данных начального уровня
cистемы хранения для корпоративных приложений, аналитики и платформ виртуализации
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Высокопроизводительные серверы

Careers at YADRO™

Join our team of innovators and promote the global technology revolution

Technology grandmasters

At the core of YADRO's continuous innovation is a strong team of seasoned technology experts with a vast and diverse experience in product development and management gained in leading global technology companies, such as Lenovo, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Fujitsu, and others, as well as graduates from the top technical international universities.

There are over 250 high-tech wizards in our hardware and software teams, which is more than 4/5 of our total talent force — constantly challenging the status quo to engineer innovative technology solutions at the YADRO offices and our own manufacturing facility. Thanks to the synthesis of amalgamated expertise, knowledge and engineering mindset of its team members, YADRO is able to rely on the best international practices and transform big ideas of the highest degree of complexity into reality — the one that is close to "impossible" to the absolute majority of technology companies.

Unlimited creativity

We believe in our hearts and minds that nothing is impossible. We don't set artificial limits or disempower beliefs during the creative process. We dream big and deliver big results based on a specific customer goal at hand. Today and always, every great idea matters at YADRO, and every team member is encouraged to share his or her "impossible" dream with others. Tomorrow, together, we transform the big dream into a real-world solution for our enterprise customers. That is our key to innovation.

Engineering excellence

Excellence in everything we do is not only our engineering philosophy — it is our built-in, heartfelt commitment to our team, customers and the world. Outstanding quality is an integral part of our engineering DNA. Designing IT solutions every team member is proud of is of vital importance to our team spirit.

Innovation philosophy

There is nothing static in the Universe. In today's world more than ever, everything is changing at the speed of light. Innovation is no longer an option if your business wants not only to survive but thrive today and tomorrow. At YADRO, our philosophy is to challenge traditional IT approaches where they no longer serve our enterprise customers and offer ground-breaking solutions that address today's business challenges and create a solid yet flexible foundation to enable sustainable business results in the future.

Join our team

Want to contribute your ideas, knowledge and expertise to creating groundbreaking technology solutions with a team of like-minded technology visionaries and future friends?

We are always looking for passionate talents, bright minds, and inspired people. If you want to join the YADRO team and create breakthrough products that disrupt the technology industry and change the world to be a better place, we look forward to hearing from you at hr@yadro.com.

R&D centers

YADRO's engineering teams are located in our R&D centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia. Equipped with modern technology labs and robust testbeds, our top-notch engineers are encouraged and empowered to dare to dream, explore, design, create and test. Each facility also hosts the support teams — the short feedback loop boosts the quality of design, reliability and serviceability of our products.

Advanced manufacturing site

YADRO enjoys its own modern manufacturing site that enables intense technology production flow and high standards of quality and operational efficiency. Our team has deep and ever-evolving expertise in manufacturing the most advanced technology products on the market that meet the most rigorous quality requirements.